Bob discipled Mike. Mike discipled Ben. Ben discipled Anthony, and Anthony is discipling Colton. This is a true example of how II Timothy 2:2 reproduction can work.

My name is Colton Douglas. I am twenty-one years old. I have a two year old daughter named Elizabeth and a son named Rilee on the way.

I started reading the Bible while serving a sentence in the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center. I’d served time in other jails, but something was different this time. I started wanting answers to personal issues that had haunted me my whole life. I can’t tell you exactly how it happened, but it happened quickly! I welcomed Jesus into my life and was baptized.

After making the decision to follow Christ, I began seeking out other believing inmates for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. One told me about Project Braveheart. I’d never signed up for any other program while incarcerated, but the way he talked about it led me to sign up. After all, I thought, “It’s just a class.” I was wrong!

The class was led by two older men named John and Mike. One reminded me of the Quaker Oatmeal guy with his white hair. The other was an enthusiastic bald guy. The class gave me skills that I needed to transition back into society. Project Braveheart also gave me something else very important. The program paired me with an outside mentor who agreed to write me letters and pray for me. His name is Anthony.

Anthony and I hit it off the first time we wrote each other. I was eventually transferred to Warren County to serve the remainder of my sentence. I thought I wouldn’t hear from Anthony any more. Boy, was I wrong. He hunted me down, sent me letters, and even drove to pick me up when I was released. I eventually started attending his church.

Anthony has been involved with Timothy Network for a few years, so he invited me into a discipling group that he was leading. Through this influence I’ve learned the importance of sharing my faith and how to grow mature disciples of Jesus. I interceed for others in prayer more now and take every chance I have to talk about Jesus and his kingdom.

Anthony has been a vessel to me. He is teaching me lessons that I understand. Thanks to Anthony and a few others, I’ve continued my walk with Jesus. And I love every minute of it!