received with love

I don’t know anyone from Malaysia, but I sure like their word for saying thanks. This came to my attention through a recent HubPages blog by franciaonline.

Teremakaseh, “thank you” in Malaysian, means “received with love.” The word smacks of something deeper than an automatic response or mannerly expression. It better conveys genuine gratitude. Learning the term struck a chord with me. Here’s why.

As a minister I’ve been on the receiving end of gracious support from others for nearly thirty years. Your donations help people like me stay employed in full-time vocational outreach. I consider each gift a blessing – help that helps me pursue the call of helping others. Believe it or not, though, it’s often a struggle to find a fresh and meaningful way to say thank you. The difficulty often leads to the trite use of idioms like “words cannot express” or “can’t thank you enough.” These phrases tend to sound hollow or insincere with repeated use.

“Received with love” is closer to what I feel when you send gifts of support. Whether your donations come as monthly automatic bank drafts or checks that show up in Timothy Network’s mailbox, whether you contribute regularly or occasionally, each gesture of support seems like a love letter sent our way! Your donations are encouraging reminders that you care about partnering with us in making disciples.

So, teremakaseh – a very warm thank you for supporting Timothy Network through another year. We much appreciate your encouragement, financial gifts, prayers, and volunteer efforts. Every gesture of help is received with much love!

Merry Christmas and God’s best to each of you in 2014,