Pat says she was a “sleep walking Christian.”  Keoni told me he tried finding people to disciple him after years of addiction but came up empty.  He, in fact, quit attending church after visiting several and becoming discouraged by the lack of opportunities for discipleship.   You’ll hear both describe their experiences in the following video.
They’re only two examples of the many different kinds of people and circumstances with which we’re involved, but Pat’s and Keoni’s stories are commonplace – and problematic.

Yes, they were already “baptized believers” before involvement with The Timothy Network, but like so many others they were never discipled to maturity.   Both were stuck and “unproductive” in helping others follow Christ.
Addressing the issue of “spiritual infancy” is one main area where your partnership is making a big difference.   Your support provides the means by which we’re able to help men and women grow into spiritually mature disciples who are capable of discipling others.   Please take a few minutes as Pat and Keoni describe how intentional discipleship is impacting their lives.
Thanks so much for helping us stay the course!
– Mike Stroud