Meet Brooke Helton, the “miracle woman.” Her miracle is another story.  For now, it’s enough to say she survived a recent health scare, the outcome of which baffled her medical doctors. By the grace of God Brooke is quite well and ready to start training as a disciple making leader among women. Brooke recently graduated from Middle Tennessee State. While there she was involved as a leader with the Raiders for Christ and MT316 campus ministries. She comes highly recommended by both these organizations as well as those who shepherd local churches.Over the next three months Brooke will attend weekly discipling circles led by other women.  She will be given opportunities to co-lead studies and organize meeting details within these groups. Genesis Fellowship meetings on Sunday mornings will be among other activities she will attend and be involved with. We’re in the process of helping her seek out and begin new discipling relationships, too.   Brooke will shadow Tracey Patterson and Karen Stroud in discipling relationships over the summer. She will meet and interview others currently involved in disciple making and will attend discipling groups with leaders in Bedford, Cannon, and Rutherford counties. Brooke and I will meet weekly to review and discuss the things she’s doing and learning.  We’ll also be reading about and discussing the basics of disciple making. It will be our goal to give each apprentice a well-rounded perspective on different styles of disciple making.  We hope to immerse them in as many direct discipling experiences as possible.   BROOKE IN HER OWN WORDS:Hi, I come from a small town in East Tennessee called Russellville. I grew up in church but never truly met Christ until I came to MTSU. Once in college, I became involved with MT316 and Raiders for Christ. These experiences led me to baptism in 2020.  After baptism, I felt a burning desire for God. I started leading in both campus ministries.  I also began regular church attendance on Sundays and Wednesdays. I was the secretary for MT316 and began doing their media page reaching out to the lost. I also was a treasurer for RFC and currently lead a prayer group with my boyfriend there. I attend both North Boulevard and Stones River Churches of Christ. I am looking forward to this internship with the Timothy Network and I cannot wait to see what God does in the short time I am here.  b.h.Establishing an apprenticeship has been a long-term goal for us. We’re quite excited to see it off the ground. This kind of focused training will allow significantly more individual time with people who see disciple making as a lifetime endeavor — men and women who want to lead and equip others for impacting the Kingdom of God.We will be in the process of recruiting other men and women for the apprenticeship. Please let us know if you, or anyone you know, might be interested.  And please do pray for Brooke and The Timothy Network as the process unfolds.  Thank you!