Look! The virgin will conceive a child. She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’.”
Matthew 1:23
Jesus most definitely is “the reason for the season!”
Merry Christmas from the Timothy Network.  Everything we’re about and strive to do rests on the fact that God, the Father of all creation, sent His “one and only begotten Son” into this world as our Savior. His name was Jesus, and he was born of the Virgin Mary. 
It’s hard to believe that Christmas is tomorrow in a year that many will remember as one of the most unpleasant years in our lives.  

Though a tough year, I encourage you to count your blessings, for they are many!!  We have much for which to be thankful including and especially God’s son, Jesus, God’s continual provisions, our vibrant community, local businesses, loving family, close friends, as well as the discipling focus of the Timothy Network, to name a few.
Christmas is a time for family.  It’s also a time of reflection and a rejuvenation of hope for the future.  May we be ever mindful of the spirit of caring, sharing, love, and generosity this holiday season always brings.I am particularly aware that the success of the Timothy Network rests upon the valuable support of our disciples, donors, prayer partners, the Board, the committees, and the volunteers who so generously give of their time and resources.  I thank each one of you for your wonderful support and dedication through another year!Factors beyond anyone’s control resulted in us cancelling our biggest annual fundraising event.  Knowing our God is always in control, we hit our knees and ended up surpassing all previous fundraising efforts in our 15-year history!! Kudos to a very capable Board and leadership team who are willing to think outside the box.  You can look forward to new ways we intend to Call, Teach,  and Send disciples as we adapt to our everchanging environment.

We will do everything we can think of to continue to merit the confidence you have placed in us and the support you have given us.

On behalf of the Timothy Network, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas along with a New Year filled with joy, peace, productivity, and prosperity.  May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your families, and loved ones at this time of hope and grace.

Ray Singer
Chairman of the Board
The Timothy Network