by Mary Gordon
Team Leader, Women’s Discipleship

In the spring of 2015, a small group of women in Bedford County found their way to The Timothy Network.

The women were long time members of a local church. I was blessed to begin meeting with them and studying THE CALL for discipleship. As we grew in knowledge and strong relationships developed, three from the group, in turn, began individual studies with three new ladies and moved away from this beginning circle. Multiplication was underway!

Each week another member of our group celebrated establishing a new discipling relationship with younger members of their church, neighbors, and co-workers. The core leadership group has grown to ten. Each week we meet, study, and share progress that our individual discipleship studies are making.

With 2020 being an incredibly challenging year, we were able to continue discipling relationships with Zoom meetings, phone calls, texts, and the rare face to face gathering. During this time two of our women began discipling widows, one started meeting weekly with women from different denominational backgrounds, and she also disciples an individual in addiction recovery.

This amazing group of sisters in Christ have become “discipleship dynamos.” Nothing seems to deter their commitment for reaching other women. Our weekly leadership meeting strengthens and challenges each of us to study, grow and to keep on building.