Admirer or Follower?

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Admirer or Follower?

The link shown below in italics will take you to a video featuring authors Greg Ogden and John Ortberg. Although the entire presentation is worth hearing, Ortberg’s eleven minute segment on admiring vs following Jesus ranks in the “must-listen-to-category” for every professing believer.

Paste the link into your browser. When the C.S. Lewis Institute page appears, click on the video arrow and cue it to the 30 minute mark. You’ll first hear Ogden briefly introduce Ortberg’s topic.

What do you think? What does admiring vs following Jesus mean in your own personal walk with Christ? How do we move from “pew warming Christianity” to committed discipleship?

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  1. William March 20, 2014 at 11:35 pm - Reply

    Awake, O Sleeper! Some good stuff in there. A dilemma for many churches. What will we do with this man Jesus? As a lifelong member of the church, I have struggled with the question of the Christian walk. What does it look like? Who are we called to be? “You shall know them by their actions (or lack thereof)” 1 John 4-5 paraphrase. Motion – Action – Obedience in love. Thanks Mike

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