It’s gratifying to see disciple making “work” the way it’s supposed to. This happens when someone is discipled and they in turn began making disciples themselves. That has been the case with the author of the following testimonial. Not only did Ray Singer pay it forward by investing in others after being discipled, became a cheerleader for the cause and now serves as the Chairman of Timothy Network’s Board of Directors We are doubly thankful for Ray’s enthusiasm for the cause of Christ and for his leadership with our work! Here is his story. M.L.S.

ray singerI was there every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. I also attended a small group. Like clockwork, when the doors of our church opened, my wife and I walked through them.

Why wasn’t I able to quickly recall scripture like other folks?

Why couldn’t I remember where some of the books of the Bible were located?

Why did my prayers always seem so shallow and self-centered?

After a pretty thorough introspective, I concluded that I was sitting in church, class, & small group as often as I could. So, what was wrong? Why wasn’t I growing? I needed to find out why sitting in the pews as often as anyone else wasn’t producing the same growth I was witnessing in others.

Enter the Timothy Network.

Enter a concept called “Discipling.”

Jesus called us to “go” and make disciples. I’ve read Matthew 28 countless times and knew our congregation’s missionaries had that covered. I was glad about that. Going to mosquito-infested parts of Africa didn’t interest me at all.

I had an in-depth conversation with my minister, and he referred me to Mike Stroud. Mike first walked me and two other men through the book of John. It was obvious I was the “future” and not “current” disciple at the table.

We met each week for quite some time as I welcomed and nurtured these new concepts of “abiding in Christ” and sharing the gospel with others in order that they are willing to make new disciples.

God’s Word came alive in ways I’ve never encountered it before. I began to understand that I could no longer sit in my pew whenever the doors were unlocked. I needed to take a stand. I needed to stand up for Christ and share His wonderful news rather than sit down and consume scripture. What I was consuming sounded great. For it to remain that way, I had to share what I was consuming. I had to become a disciple. So I did.