“Life” in the Kingdom of God means a whole lot more than a beating pulse and an animated body. Life, as Jesus defined it, refers to an “abundant” quality of living both now and eternally. It’s filled with knowing and experiencing God. It’s about belonging, community, love, joy, serving others, and a peace that passes understanding. It’s more than a cognitive exercise. It’s relational!

Jesus modeled a form of disciple making that requires getting close to people, not just “preaching at them.” There is no wiggle room! Making disciples involves doing life in a life-giving way with all kinds of people, including those that might stretch your level of comfort.

Jesus defined himself as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” in John 14:6, and he went about sharing himself in a life-giving manner as he poured himself into others. His mission has been referred to as “life-on-life disciple making” because of the way he invested in others, i.e., his life on theirs – authentic, up close, caring, and personal. No matter their place in society, Jesus highly valued people. His heart was broken by their pain, both physical and spiritual. His interaction with outcasts proved it! Jesus came to give real, lasting, and meaningful life. He spent a lot of time having conversations and meals with people whom others shunned. He extended friendship to those whose lives were in a mess. He came to “seek and save that which is lost,” and his last command was that his disciples continue the mission by discipling others.

“The Timothy Network” was formed twelve years ago as a grassroots effort with one simple and focused aim: to make disciples a few at a time, like Jesus did, and to equip them to disciple others. We do it by developing authentic relationships that lead to disciple making opportunies. The short video and photographs that follow are witness to life-on-life stories of disciple making that God produced this year. Thank you for helping us stay the course! Please pray for our efforts during the coming year.