by Ginny Pearcy & Leslie Bogle

“Jesus began to send them out two by two.” Mark 6:7

Ginny and Leslie have been involved with Timothy Network for over four years. Working as a team, they are now discipling other women.. The following is their personal story of how it all came together and how it’s working.

Ginny begins the story,

Starting out with a group of five women a few years ago – four of us with Gloria Daniel as our leader – I found myself committing to something that didn’t fall into my comfort zone. I’m basically a private person, an introvert. I don’t consider myself a good communicator, but I was willing to give this discipling thing a try. I decided to learn from the experience but did not really believe it would be a long-term commitment. I didn’t really imagine myself “breaking off on my own” to disciple other women. As helpful as it was to spend time at the feet of a wonderful and gifted teacher like Gloria, I didn’t feel ready or qualified or ‘good enough’ to disciple other women by myself. I gradually became more comfortable speaking up and sharing, but I still wasn’t ready to take the lead in discipling others. After Mike Stroud encouraged us to consider working in pairs, I began thinking I could do it, however.

Leslie and I met when Gloria invited us into a discipling relationship with two other women. Leslie is amazing! She’s a great communicator and words never seem to fail her. She doesn’t hesitate to speak up and keep the conversation going. When she prays, her words flow freely and she makes it sound so easy. So, when the idea came up for Leslie and I to lead a group together, I knew that we could do it. I think in many ways we complement each other.

Leslie adds,

Ginny and I were both nervous at the thought of taking on the role Gloria had had in our lives. On the other hand, she had spent a lot of time discipling and encouraging us for this very thing. We had been equipped to move on and disciple others after being taught by Gloria.

Ginny and I are now partners in discipling, and I love working with her. She is thoughtful and brings a great perspective to the new circle of women we are now teaching. We work well together. I look forward to our discussions and hearing her insights. She brings a tender heart to the discipling process, and I am so happy to be able to continue on this journey together. Ginny has become a wonderful mentor and friend to me, and I enjoy having her by my side as we now disciple Elyssa and Liz.

Commenting on the model of 2 x 2 disciple making Leslie writes,

Mark 6:7 talks about Jesus calling the twelve disciples together and he ‘began to send them out two by two….’ I read a commentary that states that ‘the reason of his sending them by pairs, was partly for the sake of company, and that they might be useful and assisting to one another;…and their message would be the sooner dispatched than if they had all went together.’ (John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible). What a great idea! Not only would they have the company of one another, but they help each other witness to unbelievers and draw confidence from each other as they speak about the love of Christ. Moving to a 2nd discipling circle has been made easier with Ginny. Because our friendship is already established, there is strength and comfort in having a buddy with me to bring others into a deeper relationship with Christ for years to come.

Ginny concludes,

We’ve been meeting with our new discipling circle since last fall. We meet on Monday nights. It’s been a great joy! We learn from each other as we learn from God’s Word, and we become closer each time we meet. It’s so enriching to hear from each other as we discuss God’s word and what it says to us and how we respond to His Word in our individual lives.