Greenhouse June 2012

Larry knows the harm and loneliness of addiction. He’s lived in the grip of its enslaving power for years. Recently, however, Larry gave his life to a new Master when he submitted to the lordship of Jesus and was baptized into Christ.

I met Larry several months ago when he began attending the Wellspring discipleship group. Quiet and soft spoken, he didn’t have much to say the first few times we met. When he did speak, it was always a sincere comment that seemed to indicate an openness to scripture and awareness of his need for God. In time, Larry began asking more questions. It was a thrilling experience when he dropped by my office two weeks ago to say he was ready for baptism.

Although Larry still struggles, he now has a greater Lord than addiction. He knows the One able to deliver and heal both body and spirit. He also understands that regular companionship with other Christ-followers is an important key to his growth and recovery.

I wanted you to meet Larry and see his face. When you write a check to Timothy Network, you’re investing in people like him. Your gifts help us reach and minister to men and women from all walks of life – from the individual already on the pew who needs further training and encouragement, to men and women caught in every form of worldly vice and brokenness.

We currently face a budgeting shortfall for the last quarter of 2012. Your year-end tax deductible gift will help us begin the new year positively.

We hope to raise at least $20,000 in year-end donations. Please considersowing into our efforts to make disciples and equip disciple-makers in 2013.

Many Thanks!
Mike Stroud