Pictured to the left is former American Airlines First Officer, Tom McGuinness. He was the co-pilot of Flight 11, the plane that hit the World Trade Center North Tower on September 11, 2001. Ironically, McGuinness’ seniority allowed him to bump another pilot from that morning’s flight. It was a choice that cost his life but saved another man from dying that day.

With the many sad reminders accompanying the recent 10th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, part of me hesitated bringing it up yet one more time. Weighed in the balance, however, I decided to send along the following fifteen minute video. As you’ll see and hear, the touching testimony of First Officer Steve Scheibner, the pilot spared that day, strongly resonates with intentional discipleship. Scheibner is a Christ-follower. Officer McGuinness was, too.

Here’s the link: