"Go into all the world and make

disciples...teach them to

obey everything I have

commanded you."

Jesus, Matthew 28:19

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How Much Heaven Can We Bring to Earth?

The Quest for Intentional Discipleship

Jesus was an “igniter.”  He came to spark a radical change of heart and transformed living.  His was the revolutionary message of the Kingdom of God!  

Jesus didn’t settle for “making converts” that simply memorized and repeated his teachings.   Nor was he looking to promote more of the same lifeless religion that characterized his day. No, his mission was to ignite the reign of God in the souls of mankind!

The Timothy Network embodies a vision for carrying on the Great Commission of Jesus.  It’s our goal to ignite fires of disciple making in the 21st century.   Our work was launched in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 2005.  We are a group men and women who have experienced the life altering grace of God. We believe in the gospel’s power to radically transform.  We are trying to pass it on by making disciples who are equipped to teach and disciple others in the lifestyle and teachings of Jesus, the Messiah.

The men and women of Timothy Network have discipled and equipped hundreds of people from our base of operations in Middle Tennessee.  Our work has spread into neighboring counties, and it’s our goal to assist and partner with churches to build multiplying disciple making networks across Tennessee and in other states.   We would like to work with you.

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