Proof of Life

God has used our work in both expected and unexpected ways. We are seeing nominal Christians grow, blossom and gain the courage and ability to disciple others. We’ve also had the opportunity to help rescue marriages and encourage disheartened disciples to stick with the church. Here’s a small sample of some of the stories we’ve heard.

I am a wife, a teacher, and most recently, a new mom. I have been so blessed by all of God’s goodness, but I still felt there had been something missing deep inside of me. I had become stagnant in the one relationship I needed the most, my walk with the Lord.

I started praying to God for an opportunity for transformation. Through this discipleship network, I have refocused on why I wear the name “Christian.” The intimate group setting has challenged me to dig deeper in the Bible. I am rediscovering the basic reasons God has called me to holy living and to be His disciple. Each week I am developing a better understanding of the God I serve and His purpose set before me.

Rachel H, Tennessee

Prior to becoming involved with The Timothy Network, I spent two to three months praying and looking for a ministry opportunity. I had created a list of possible areas of interest regarding work for the Lord.

My wife, Christina, was obviously very in tune with my desire to increase my level of ivolvement in the church. I was actively searching out the Lord’s will when she came home from work one day with a blessing. Christina informed me of a conversation she’d had with a friend regarding her husband’s ambition to begin a new discipling ministry. Not long after that, I contacted Mike. We had lunch to discuss the vision and plan for this ministry. I had found what I was looking for!

The Timothy Network was a direct answer from God to my prayers. Being a part of this work is an ongoing blessing for the men involved in weekly equipping studies. We are learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus the way he defined it. It means less about us and more about Him, a difficult lesson to digest in today’s culture.

Glory be to God!

Mark M, Tennessee

When I was invited to be part of a study that would cause me to intensely learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ, I accepted it readily. I had been feeling that I’d reached a point in my Christian walk that was traditional and ritualistic, feeling lost in the whole point of it all. I prayed about my feelings and asked God to open doors that would enrich my walk with him. I’d been asking God to help me learn what it means to be an authentic disciple, and how to share the gospel with others. I am pleased with what I’ve learned so far. My perspective has been broadened. I am excited about the transformation that will take place in my life as a follower of Christ.

Kim C, Tennesssee

I was not interested in another weak, watered-down study of the Bible that didn’t challenge me to live-out what I was reading. Time is precious, and if I was going to give myself to anything it would have to be something necessary. After talking with those who had participated in Timothy Network equipping studies, I realized this was for me. I now realize in a very clear way that discipleship is about walking out our lives entirely within the context of a kingdom-centered perspective.

Joe W, Tennessee

I am so blessed to be a part of the Timothy Network, which has provided from the beginning a very nurturing environment for an understanding of the calling of discipleship. However, I have already seen the strong desire God has for us to not only continually develop discipleship within ourselves, but in turn mentoring others by truly loving people and guiding them in their walk with Christ. As an intern with the campus ministry at Middle Tennessee State, God has blessed me with friendships that allow me to see Him working in college girls’ lives and opportunities to mentor to them. I have learned that being a mentor means continually seeking God for strength and understanding, spending time praying for and with those I am mentoring, and guiding them not only through conversation about their life and walk, but through my actions and faith as we seek together the true Mentor, Jesus Christ.

Jennifer P, South Carolina

God seems to be reminding me a lot lately that one of the greatest pictures for the Christian life is a “journey.” Through it all, God is faithful to walk with us, and He expects us to bring others along, too. This is disciple making. Making disciples involves investment into another life – a life whose impact could span generations. I find nothing more exhilarating than this: to be a part of something that can outlast my lifetime and reach others for The Kingdom! This discipleship journey is a road worth traveling, and I’m glad someone thought to bring me along.

Nick M, Tennessee

Discipleship training with the Timothy Network has meant a lot in my life. I’ve learned that you have to be INTENTIONAL to be a disciple of Jesus and that you have to make a strong effort to be a part of someone else’s life, too. Making disciples means that we have to invest our time in people. We and have to be honest and transparent, letting people know that we also struggle with temptation like they do. I’ve learned that disciples should be constant learners. I should be praying with my eyes wide open, seeing who GOD puts in my path to disciple.

Steven B, Tennessee

The discipleship studies I had in the Timothy Network completely reshaped my mindset as a Christian. Before this, I didn’t intentionally seek to share my faith with people (co-workers, family, friends, people at a grocery store, etc.) I did often express my beliefs, but not as a means to help other people have a closer, more meaningful relationship with God themselves. I’ve learned that my faith in God means nothing if I have no concern about my neighbor’s eternal well-being.

Ronnie H, Tennessee

Something I took away from the Timothy Network’s equipping phase is that everyone is busy. There is always an excuse to duck out of responsibility. Ideally, Christ calls us to leave it all and follow. We can follow Christ’s example of and call to make other followers in our everyday busy lives. It will require some rearranging of how we choose to spend your time, but God is patiently waiting for us to make that choice.

Bill B, Tennessee

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