by Gracie McKeand

One of my favorite inventions found since becoming a mother is the zero-entry pool. I remember the first time we got to experience one of these. It was at Disney World, and Evy was just two years old. Oh my, vacation became even easier! No longer did I need to hold her while we were in the water. She could enter the pool as high up on her body as she pleased. It was delightful.

Fast forward to the summers to follow, and we were spending a considerable amount of time at a friend’s neighborhood pool. Evy, being my nervous Nelly was so timid about getting into the big pool, even though she could touch the bottom, and even swim under water. At the start of every summer, we’d have to go through the same initiation process all over again. She’d sit on the steps of the big pool then finally climb down into it. A few visits later she’d jump into the 4′ depth, as long as I was there to catch her. Finally, after many visits her fear of the deep end would subside, and she’d swim all over the pool.

The approach to disciple making can be like the swimming pool I just described. Most of us need a zero-entry, where we can work through our fears and insecurities. Timothy Network assists Christians in working through their fears, allowing us to go deeper and deeper into our greatest call as Christ’s followers, i.e. discipleship.

Easing in is just fine, as long as we keep going deeper. Timothy Network provides a safe, structured framework for people to start with meeting with church friends who have never experienced real discipleship. From there, the Holy Spirit starts replacing fear with a desire for more. Timothy Network gives us a safe and steady hand to help us until the Holy Spirit tells us we’re ready to be plunged into the deep end!

Gracie and her husband, Jeff, have been active participants, sponsors, and team leaders with Timothy Network from the early going. Their commitment to disciple making represents the continuity required for carrying multiplication forward. We appreciate their partnership, along with many others of you who are working to make disciples who will disciple others. MLS