by Elyssa Garcia

Almost two years ago my husband and I moved to Rockvale, TN. I am a step-mother of five children and have custody of our niece (age 11). At the time of our move we also had custody of her sister (10 months) and brother (21 months). I was staying home with the little ones and helping homeschool our 14-year-old son. I desperately longed for Christian relationships and was praying and trusting God to provide what I needed. Before long, Mike Stroud came to our Green Street church in Nashville to speak at a mid-week gathering. That’s when I learned about The Timothy Network.

Mike soon invited my husband, Isaiah, and another man into a discipling triad. He also mentioned discipling opportunities for women with whom I could start meeting. The timing was perfect! Since then I’ve been discipled by Leslie Harvey and Ginny Pearcy, two sisters whose stories, example, and wisdom teach and encourage me. It has been an invaluable time of growing together and learning from one another about Jesus and his calling on our lives. I’m thankful for the ways that they have come alongside me and have helped prepare me to disciple others.

In June of 2017 I began working with Timothy Network as an administrative assistant for Mike. I’ve learned a lot and have been spurred-on to ask the Lord to show me people whom I can begin discipling. As He shows me these individuals, I will invite them into a weekly discipling circle to learn, share, and follow the teachings of Jesus. I will also watch for opportunities to do life with them outside of those meeting times. The goal of Timothy Network is to make disciples who make more disciples. As I go about this, then, I will encourage and help prepare those I disciple to invite others into discipling relationships so that the church may grow and be built up in the knowledge and love of Jesus.

I’m humbled and overjoyed by God’s gracious provision and the opportunity to join Him in the work of showing and teaching others about Jesus, what it means to follow Him, and what God has so powerfully given to equip us for service in his Kingdom.