Once years ago when I served in the campus ministry at Middle Tennessee State University, our student leaders decided on printing T-Shirts that read, “The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing Right: Jesus is the Main Thing.” They knew the difficulty of living for Jesus on a distraction-filled university campus and decided to make it an intentional goal of helping others focus on “the main thing” that year.

Not many weeks go by that I don’t have multiple conversations with people about their busy lives. I was with someone today, in fact, who told me that his family’s summer calendar had only six days left open. We both shook our heads. What happened to the lazy days of summer?

Few escape the maddening pace of life that seems to have infected our culture in recent decades. The church calendar, although filled with many good things, provides no relief from the busyness. As Francis Chan discusses in the following short interview, however, there comes a time when it’s necessary to prioritize. I offer the following clip hoping that it brings helpful focus, not another thing for your calendar.

Drink deeply of the soul-quenching “water of life,” and share His call to abundant and peaceful living with those who don’t know Him.