Green Applie

Imagine someone holds up a Granny Smith apple like the one above and asks the question, “What do you see”?

How would you respond?

One might answer, “I see a good snack.” Another might say,“I see a green apple.” Still a third observer might reply, “I see a good way for my son to pull his loose tooth.”

Look again. What do you see now? Can you see the potential this apple represents?

Maybe this second picture can fire your imagination. Do you see the possibilities? There are five seeds in that star-shaped opening at the middle of this apple. green apple slices

Have you ever considered what the end product of an apple tree is? Well, what is it? No, fruit is not the goal; more trees are! Apples are the mechanism for reproduction, but apple trees were designed by God to reproduce apple trees. God made them to produce apple orchards.

While the “fruit of the Spirit” is to mark the life of a disciple, reproduction is our purpose. Let’s make sure that all our strategies are infinitely reproducible. Then we act like our Father! Then we are spiritually able to obey the first command He gave to man to “be fruitful and multiply.”

John King is Director of Training for Final Command Ministries. He serves as Chairman of Timothy Network’s Board of Accountability.