Joe Wakham

Transformation is a concept that gets a lot of attention within the Timothy Network. It’s a core objective of the ministry to see lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Romans 12:2)

It’s one thing to talk and write about transformation. Living a transformed lifestyle is another matter all together. It requires focused intentionality.

Journey is another subject stressed in our discipling sessions. Joined with transformation the two ideas give a good picture for the direction of our work. Transformation is a journey! Disciples of Jesus sign up for a process of growth that’s meant to last a lifetime. It’s not an overnight accomplishment.

I need to make a confession. Neither of these terms meant much to me until I became involved with Timothy Network’s equipping ministry. I now understand their integral relation to discipleship. Disciples are made over the longhaul – one conversation at a time, one day at a time.

After participating in a discipling group a few years ago, I’m now discipling others. The first three men God brought my way were like me. We had a lot in common; I understood them. I’m now discipling a young man who is from a totally different background, however. It’s been eye opening. Despite the dramatic difference in the two situations, “journey” and “transformation” have formed the essence of the experience.

God created us as “beings of becoming.”   We’re all “in process.”   Discipleship is essential because it orients our process of becoming toward Jesus.

Joe is a married father of three and is employed as a local CPA. He’s been actively involved with Timothy Network since 2007. Joe has become a multiplier by making disciples who are now discipling others.