Imagine: A group of men “down-on-their-luck” gathered around a table at a place called the Greenhouse. They’ve come here each Wednesday morning for the past two months to discuss the teachings of a man who lived over 2,000 years ago. Two are from the slums of Chicago, one is a drifter from Houston, one comes from Cleveland, another from Louisiana, and one is from Memphis. The twists and turns of life brought each of them to the streets of Murfreesboro, Tennessee – homeless, broke, unemployed, and with little hope. Chris, Jim, Billy, Slim, Rick, Tommy, and Frederick are among those who know what it’s like when life caves in and the streets become home.

I recently met this group of guys through the work of Cliff and Jane Sharp. Cliff and Jane are special people. Let me introduce them to you. They direct Greenhouse Ministries, “a faith-based, nonprofit agency serving the underserved in Middle Tennessee with a variety of services designed to give people hope!” The Sharps have worked tirelessly over the past several years in seeing this ministry established. It now thrives in serving men, women, and families in a variety of ways.

The Sharps have opened a door of opportunity for Timothy Network to partner with the Greenhouse in bringing hope to the hurting. Beginning with the group named above, we will focus on teaching men and women the hope found in Christ. We’ll strive to equip them to live in His power.

Timothy Network exists to follow the lead of Jesus in making disciples of all kinds of people. Our partnership with Greenhouse is a perfect fit, an answered prayer. We hope to see this opportunity become a springboard for discipling many more through our work at the Greenhouse. Please join us in thanking God for the opportunity and pray that He might use us in an effective way.